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Limited Warranty

TNR INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED here after referred to as TNR hereby warrants that every new tire purchased from TNR, is free from any manufacturing defects for a period of 1 year minimum (consult our sales representatives for other situations ) , from the date of shipment from TNR.

This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and the original vehicle on which they are mounted.

Warranty Obligations

If a defect in manufacturing is found in any TNR tire, TNR will do any of the following, at the complete discretion of TNR

a)  replace the tire

If TNR decides to replace tire for customer, customer will be charged for replacement based on the following formula:

TNR will not bear sea freight, tax, installation, etc. fees.

b) apply a credit towards the purchase of TNR tires calculated on the ratio of the remaining tread depth (R.T.D) to original tread depth (O.T.D) at the time of the failed tire

If TNR decides to issue credit, compensation value will be calculated based on the following formula:

c) pay for the repair of the failed tire after authorization by a TNR representative


The following is not covered by the Limited Warranty

Failure, damage or irregular wear due to Road hazards (i.e. punctures, cuts, snags, impact breaks), wreck or collision;

Fire, accident or vandalism;

Mechanical condition of vehicle including improper alignment, improper inflation, wheel imbalance, faulty shocks or brakes; Misapplication of tire, including operation in applications where loads on the tires exceed maximum loads advised. Alteration of the tire or addition of alien material or transfer from one vehicle to another

Cost of service, mounting, dismounting

Loss of time or use, inconvenience or any incidental or consequential damages

Owners Obligations

In order to be eligible for TNR Limited Warranty service, the owner must:

A) Present the defective tire

B) Present proof of purchase

C) Complete and sign an TNR Warranty Claim

D) Cooperate with TNR in acquiring other materials required


This warranty, or any warranty stated or referred to herein, is exclusive and in lieu of any other warranty regarding the quality of TNR tires, whether expressed or implied, and remedies for breach thereof shall be limited to those specifically provided herein.

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