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TNR export department Dongji Isles Travel Diary


September 9, 2016, TNR export family began a journey to Dongji Isles, which are located at Zhejiang, Zhoushan. The Dongji Isles are composed of four islands, there are Hangxing island, Miaozihu island, Qingbang island and Dongfushan island. We are travelling with our family flag.



We started from Shanghai, it almost took us 5 hours to the destination. When at the boat to Miaozihu islands, we saw the water under the blue sky, and then became a long line at the end of the sea. The wind blew our hair, the boat stirred the waves, we felt so small but TNR family makes us stronger.

When dinner, we treated ourselves a bigger sea dinner, which see liked sea food party. Left behind the noisy city, we are so relaxed, talked anything. We know more about each other.




We went hiking to the Dongfushan islands. What impressed us the most is the new Century Lighthouse, weve been told that the first light will be shined at this Chinese land. We are so proud that we can bring TNR flag here, waving in front of this lighthouse, like the word of the flag, TNR tires will lead the way.

Although the weather is not good enough, everyone was cheering up, we are so used to sitting at the office, walking along coast line and breathing the sea air, TNR team here we go.


It is hard to tear ourselves away from the Dongji Isles, we have a mission to complete, we took everyone smile moment, when we look the pictures, we would recall the memory in Dongji Isles.

So tired when on the way to home. At the end of dairy, we want to thank you all, thank for sponsor of the boss, thank you for your accompany, thank you for your sunshine smiles.


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