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TNR tire expo 2016, a happy ending


TNR have taken part in the tire expo since 2009. Before this tire expo, we redesign our catalogue, T-shirts, gift like the key ring, fan. All the work is to make sure the client know better about our tires and company culture.



Facts proved that all those effort is worth. The expolasts three days, we met the client all around the world.  We introduced them our tire samples and catalogues, explain why TNR tire are so popular among the international market. We want to know their requirement and fix the problems, use own experience and enthusiasm to encourage customers. Profession is the key sprite in our team.


After this EXPO, we have a meeting to summarize the new international requirement and how we can fix the problems the clients have. Steven said that, we have to constantly pursuit of innovation.


The EXPO ends, but we are always on the way to offer the best tires.



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